• Elite Performance was hard core today!!! Such a testament that she works them so hard and yet my daughter can't wait to go every week!

    Paige Quickel
  • My daughter loves going. She asked for all the training stuff Kim uses for Christmas to practice on her own to get better for Kim...little does she know she's doing it for herself. Kim also does nutrition and workout plans for anyone. We are very blessed to be a part of her group.

    Donna Rose
  • Kim's positive reinforcement has made a big impression on my 10 year old daughter. This is the first physical activity she has asked to go to and is excited about it.

    Jill Willyerd
  • Excellent trainer. Great with kids of all ages. Really pushes the athletes to work hard. Would recommend Kim to anyone.

    Alex Blaine
  • The running technique of my 9 year old has improved drastically. The difference is amazing. She and her 13 year old brother love Kim's sessions - they are age appropriate, challenging, and different enough to keep them interested.

    Julie Watson
  • Chloe has come a long way in strength since she has been attending Kim's classes. She also enjoys every minute that she is there.

    Mildred Saliba
  • Our soccer team saw measurable improvements in their strength and stamina all thanks to Kim! She is great with kids and adults alike and is a great trainer/motivator!

    Dani Vess
  • I met Jessica about four years ago. I joined a challenge at a local gym, and they asked me if I wanted to connect with a trainer for the challenge. Even though I was unsure, I went ahead and did it! I was so glad that I did. I ended up losing 30 pounds during that 90 days, and got to know Jessica really well. She was encouraging every step of the way. Oh, and a HUGE bonus. She’s been there, she’s done it, and she knows what you’re going through, and knows you can do it. I ended up training with her beyond the challenge, and she was so much more than a trainer to me. She had become a friend, a mentor, an inspiration.

    Mrs. Heather Brown
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